Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4th Update

Thanks to everyone who attended the Ft. Sanders Quarterly Stakeholder meeting yesterday at the University Visitors' Center. A draft of the meeting minutes will be posted to the blog next week.

One item that was covered in the meeting was the Ft. Sanders Neighborhood District Long Range Planning Implementation Strategy document. This is the draft plan prepared by the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) that documents the Ft. Sanders Long Range Planning efforts and recommendations. This document will be sent to the monthly MPC meeting for consideration and a recommendation next week, on Thursday, June 10 at 1:30 pm. That meeting is held in the Large Assembly Room of the City County Building for anyone interested in attending.

The final draft of the planning document with pictures and maps is available at MPC's agenda website: from that page click on the agenda package, and then click on the link to item #6. The plan is contained in the subject line link. The next step for this document, if MPC gives a postive recomendation, is to send it to City Council for consideration.

Thanks so much for your continued interest and support of the Ft. Sanders area! I hope everyone has a great weekend - don't forget First Friday and the International Biscuit Festival.

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