Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18th Update

In follow up to the City's postponement of the Ft. Sanders Neighborhood Plan at MPC last week, City and MPC/TPO staff met on Thursday, June 17th with property owners who had expressed concerns regarding the document.

It was a productive meeting with an overview of the process that has occured to date and the goals of the plan. Owners were able to understand that while this was not a rezoning of property that plans are the basis of future land use. Some of the owners noted that it was important that the institutions in the area had participated in the process. The conclusion of the meeting was that the City would request an additional 30 day postponement (to the August 12th MPC meeting) so that these owners have plenty of time to digest the information included in the plan and then get back together with staff to ask any questions that they might have or make suggestions on ways to improve the document. If there are any substative changes identified through this process we will reconvene the full Ft. Sanders Stakeholder Committee prior to sending the document to MPC for consideration.

Next week City staff and the Cumberland Ave. consultants will be meeting with various utilities regarding the streetscape plan and options for removing the overhead utility lines. We'll keep you posted on the outcome of that meeting. As always, thanks for your continued interest and have a safe and fun weekend!

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