Friday, August 21, 2009

Multiple Updates

Fort Sanders Long Range Plan Update:
The full stakeholder committee met on Thursday, August 6th at the Baker Center to continue the discussion. The major focus for this meeting was threefold: 1) Update the full committee regarding the Physical Land Use and Quality of Life subcommittee meetings held July 2nd; 2) Discuss interim steps and actions (applications for funding and google site); and 3) Review the 2000 Implementaion Strategies and prioritize for the future.

Notes from the meeting will be available on the blog in the next few days. Please see the link to the Knoxville News Sentinel Article on this event:

Traffic Circulation Study Update:
Part of the Cumberland Avenue Streetscape Plan calls for a traffic circulation study to be completed by the city's consultants Gresham Smith and Partners to understand the impacts of the proposed changes and to mitigate any negative factors. The third phase of this study is currently under staff review and we hope to share it with the public soon.

Stakeholder Updates:
1) Knox Heritage hosts: Art & Architecture Tour of Historic Fort Sanders
Led by Jack Neely and Randall De Ford on Friday, September 4 - 6 p.m.
Begins with reception at the Knoxville Museum of Art.
Tickets are $60.
Or call 523-8008.

2) Rohm and Haas Seek proposals for $30,000 Grant
Awarded to a non-profit or community organization to make land improvements.
Deadline is 5 pm, Friday, September 18th.
For more information contact Ms. Kara Cleveland, at the Shelton Group

If you have items of interest for the areas connected to Cumberland Ave., please send them to me at and I will be happy to consider them for this blog.

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