Friday, July 31, 2009

Streetscape Update

The Cumberland Avenue Corridor Plan is composed of two major parts: 1) The Streetscape Plan, and 2) The Urban Design Plan. The city has been awarded a contract from the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to implement the Streetscape Plan which proposes improvements to facilities for all modes of transportation. The general concept of the plan is to change Cumberland Ave. from a 4 lane cross section with two eastbound and two westbound lanes to a 3 lane cross section with one eastbound, one westbound, and a center two-way left turn lane. This concept will provide wider sidewalks, shared travel lanes for bikes and vehicles, as well as defined space for transit stops. As a part of this project the overhead utility lines will be moved to provide a cleaner, more aesthetically appealing environment with street trees and other amenities. For more information on the plan, please see the link on the right.

Update: The city’s consultants Vaughn & Melton and S&ME have submitted the required “Historical Resources Survey Report” for the projected impacts of the Streetscape Project to TDOT. This information is part of the requirements for the project to receive its Environmental Clearance from TDOT to be able to proceed with detailed design work. The document submitted on July 24th, was revised by S&ME to meet requests for additional information from TDOT. We don’t know the timeline for review of this document, status of review will be updated on this blog.

Additionally, two requests have been made requesting funding for projects that will support the Streetscape Project. The first was submitted to the Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) requesting Congestion Mitigation and Air Quailty (CMAQ) funds to improve sidewalk connections within the Fort Sanders neighborhood and also to provide bus shelters within the area to support the existing transit lines (KAT buses, trolleys, T Link, etc). That application was submitted on July 10th. The second request was made on July 17th for TDOT fiscal year 2009 Safety Funds which would be used to improve the intersections of 17th Street and Clinch Ave. and 17th and White Ave. These requests are currently being reviewed by the appropriate agencies. Status of review will be updated on this blog.

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