Friday, February 24, 2017

February 24 Update

Cumberland Avenue Merchants Association (CAMA) - Monthly Meeting

Date: Wednesday, March 1

Time: 3:00 - 4:00 pm 

Location: Copper Cellar, 1807 Cumberland Avenue

What: The merchants and other interested stakeholders meet to discuss items of interest or concern and get updates on the City's Cumberland Avenue Corridor Project.

Parking: Available parking is located at Copper Cellar. 

Cumberland Avenue Construction Updates

For more information on what has been happening on the Avenue, make sure to check out our Two Week Look Ahead at or click right here

City of Knoxville Neighborhood Conference - March 11

Trying to decide whether to spend part of Saturday, March 11, at The Neighborhood Conference in Knoxville?
Sure, you’re thinking, there is no charge to participate and enjoy a free continental breakfast, a fun-packed photo booth, a neighborhood tee shirt contest, and door prizes.
But what else?
Well, there IS the free luncheon, where Knoxville Jazz and Blues Singer Kelle Jolly will be on stage with middle and high school students singing blues songs. And eight individuals will be honored for their service to their communities, with Mayor Madeline Rogero presenting one of them with the Diana Conn Good Neighbor of the Year Award.
But what else?
Granted, there will be over 80 information booths provided by city and county departments, nonprofit organizations, and conference sponsors.
But what else?
True, you can meet elected leaders, local government officials, and some of the candidates running in City Council races this year.
But what else?
And, yes, you will be meeting residents and leaders from other neighborhoods, and you will be inspired by others who also care about the quality of life in THEIR neighborhoods.
But what else?
Here’s what else: These 22 workshops brimming with speakers and information for Knoxville residents and neighborhood organizations:
** Youth Workshop: How Local Government Works
** Neighborhood Umbrella Groups
** How to Save on Your Utility Bill
** Creative Placemaking
** Engaging Neighbors to Build Your Neighborhood Organization
** Youth Recreation Opportunities for your Community
** Legal Issues for Homeowner Associations
** Pets, Wildlife & Nuisance Animals
** How to Run for Knoxville City Council
** Understanding the City Budget
** Zoning and Why You Should Care
** Youth Workshop: Getting Things Done in Your Community
** Communication Strategies for Your Neighborhood
** When a Neighbor Needs Help
** Fight the Blight
** Diversity Matters: Finding Common Ground
** How to Get Involved in Your Local Schools
** Homelessness in Knoxville
** Fighting Crime in Your Neighborhood
** Neighborhood Walkability
** Funding Resources for Neighborhood Groups
** Creative Event Making
See the Workshop Descriptions for the details and speakers. Register here or call Inas Al-Sarmad at 215-2113 to receive a hard copy of the workshop descriptions and the registration form. See you at the conference!

As always, thanks for your interest in everything related to Cumberland Avenue. Have a wonderful weekend. 

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