Friday, February 4, 2011

Februrary 4th Update

Fort Sanders Stakeholders Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday's quarterly stakeholder meeting at the UT Visitors' Center. We had great attendance for our first meeting of the year. I will prepare and post minutes from the meeting some time next week, but a brief summary of the meeting is that we discussed the draft district plan and decided that a separate meeting should be held to discuss what neighborhood conservation overlays are and are not; the city provided an update on the Cumberland Avenue Corridor Streetscape project and the ability to move the overhead utility line underground; several other stakeholders provided updates and Knox Heritage announced an open house for their Green house (see below for details). Additionally, Josh Flory from the News Sentinel's Property Scope Blog attended and wrote an article about the meeting which is available here.

CAMA Meeting

The Cumberland Avenue Merchants Association held their monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 2nd at 3:00pm in the Old College Inn. Thanks to Mike Clark, CAMA President, for hosting the group. Several merchants turned out for the meeting and discussed items relating to business and traffic on the corridor. One major announcement from the group was that McDonald's has announced their plans for renovations starting May 1st of this year and reopening August 1st!

Weekend Events

Tonight, First Friday, Downtown Knoxville, for more information visit

Ice Bears are in town this weekend and play Huntsville at the Civic Coliseum on Saturday evening at 7:30 for more information call 215-8999.

Sunday, February 12th Knox Heritage hosts its open house for the Green House from 11:00 -1:00 for more information visit

As always, have a safe and fun weekend. Thanks for your continued interest in Cumberland Avenue!

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