Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24th Update

Greetings everyone!

Ft. Sanders Neighborhood Update

The City's Codes Enforcement Department will be conducting a neighborhood sweep from 17th Street east to 11th Street on Wednesday, September 29th to identify violations and notify residents of those issues. This has been a successful program in the Park Ridge and West View neighborhoods within the last year. The purpose of the sweep is to identify code violations and educate both property owners and renters of their responsibilities.
The eastern section of the neighborhood was chosen because it is experiencing the most code problems. The day of the sweep all of the codes enforcement officers will walk through the neighborhood and will note any violations. The western portion of the neighborhood will be eligible for a code sweep at a future date and time.

This is an outside walk through; code enforcement officers will not enter a structure without a request or complaint filed. The majority of violations in the area typically deal with trash, trash can placement and alleyways. Additionally, a pamphlet will be left at every house with or without a violation noted in order to educate tenants to their responsibilities. If a violation is noted the codes enforcement officers will follow up in two weeks to check the status and then
proceed to more traditional means of enforcement if violation is not cleared up. Any questions on this effort can be directed to the city’s one call number, 311.

Staff Update
City staff had the opportunity to tour Ayers Hall on the Hill at UT and see the recent renovations to this historic 1920's structure.

The entry into Ayers Hall
Hand painted details on the stucco

The courtyard on the northside of the building, complete with a "T" shaped bench

A view of the south lawn looking towards the Tennessee River and Neyland Stadium

An example of the fine wood work and detailed finishesFinally, an image of the the lights and grand staircase!

These are just a few images of a great space that we very much enjoyed seeing. Thanks to Jeff Maples and Dan Smith for the tour and for the attention to detail on this campus jem.

Weekend Opportunities

Movies on Market Square, tonight 8:00 pm, the feature "Cats & Dogs", free.
Saturday the UT Volunteers take on the UAB Blazers at 12:21pm. Be sure to stop by and support our Cumberland Avenue Merchants and Go Vols!

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