Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13th Update

Thanks to everyone who attended meetings this week on the Cumberland Ave. Corridor Project and last week's Fort Sanders Long Range Planning Subcommitee meetings. It has been a busy month!

Minutes from the November 5th Fort Sanders LRP Subcommittee meetings are being compiled and should be posted next week. The focus of the the Quality of Life Subcommittee was to work on compiling recommendations for the full committee and the Long Range Physical Planning group discussed in detail recommendations for improvements to traffic circulation within the neighborhood for all modes of traffic. The final meeting for this process will be Thursday, December 3rd.

The Cumberland Ave. Advisory Board met on Wednesday, November 11th and discussed the status of the Streetscape Project and Urban Design Plan; a copy of the agenda packet will be available in the Links section. TDOT has indicated that their review of the Environmental Clearance request is close to complete; the next step is to submit the document to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for final review. City staff provided an summary of the Traffic Memos provided by our consultants, Gresham Smith & Partners and a summary of the Form Based Code for Cumberland.

A public meeting was held on Thursday, November 12th to present the draft Form Based Code for review. A copy of this presentation will be available in the Links section and on the Cumberland Ave. Corridor Project webpage ( A draft of the code will also be published to the City's website in the next few days. Please send any comments or questions regarding the draft code to me at
Thank you!

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